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Home >> Product >>VR Case 6th
VR Case 6th
VR Case 6th
VR Case 6th
VR Case 6th

Product name : VR Case 6th

Model Number : VR Case 6th

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Ultra-clear 130°wide visual angle, pure glass coated lens (Not usual resin lens with low light transmittance)
Similarly all-in-one control system, brand new portable combination remote control design
Brand new patented mobile phone clip, fits for all brand mobile phone design, free from pressing of mobile key function button
Especially designed for myopic and adult user
Easy manipulation. One-button to regulate pupil and object distance . Front cover equipped with lock-up function, which holds the phone steadily and using safely.
The design of professional head-mounted and imported eye pad, provide more comfortable after prolonged viewing

The parameters of the lens: imported optical glass, 38mm diameter, 40mm focal length, 130 degrees wide angle coated lens
Product Configuration: Remote (Bluetooth chip of Shanghai BK3231), manual, lens cloth, instruction book
Suitable size:4.0inch-6.3inch mobile phone Product Weight: 630g
Packing size: 230MM * 170MM * 110MM
Product Size: 200MM (L) * 130MM * 100MM

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