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Home >> Product >>VR Case Mini
VR Case Mini
VR Case Mini
VR Case Mini
VR Case Mini
VR Case Mini

Product name : VR Case Mini

Model Number : VR Case Mini

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VR CASE MINI, pack light, colorful no longer single.
Lighter and more portable but support large screen size.
She breaking the traditional design of comfortable head strap, super clear fixed-focus lens no need the tedious adjustable pupillary distance.
She is small and mini, abandon the heavy, stuffy.
She is mini but no simple, fit for 6.3 inch phone.
She has fixed-focus lens, You can enjoy hd immersive experience without any adjustment.
She is transformers with curvy design. A rugged front covers to fix the phone.
She is more comfortable for eyes, close to all kinds of face shapes, short-sighted users can wear it directly without take off the glasses , Soft silicone and ventilating imported materials.
She has extraordinary quality. Pursue excellent achievement, Lead the latest VR trend, She is VR CASE MINI ! You're Worth It

Material:Composite material
Lens:Optical orthoscopic
Cushion material: High quality spongy cushion/Soft PU
Headband material:High stretch wool fabric
Suitable size:5.5inch-6.3inch mobile phone
Support system:android/ios
Viewing Angle:96
Pupil distance:adjustable

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