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Home >> Product >>Micro USB & 8Pin Cable
Micro USB & 8Pin Cable
Micro USB & 8Pin Cable
Micro USB & 8Pin Cable
Micro USB & 8Pin Cable
Micro USB & 8Pin Cable

Product name : Micro USB & 8Pin Cable

Model Number : IS83

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2 in 1 Cable: 8pin & Micro USB charging Cable
Same one port of this cable can be used for 8pin & Micro USB port phones, and this cable has sync data & charging function
The appearance of the cable is made of advanced nylon braid which can be anti-impairment and with high tensile strength. It will be not easy to be damaged although you used for a long time.
Inside is made of pure copper. The aluminum foil and metal net can be anti-interference, so that the data can be transmitted very fast.
Compatible for all the Apple lightning interface products with latest IOS system and all Smartphone with Micro USB interface
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