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Home >> Product >>Bluetooth Smart Tracker
Bluetooth Smart Tracker
Bluetooth Smart Tracker
Bluetooth Smart Tracker
Bluetooth Smart Tracker
Bluetooth Smart Tracker

Product name : Bluetooth Smart Tracker

Model Number : A05

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Auto flash alarm when key finder and mobile phone out of range of each other(10m)
Support two ways alarm
Locate each other by clicking mobile phone or press the key finder
Show last location of stuff on map, easy to find your stuff with map function
Support remote take pictures by yourself
Support remote sounds record to record important things
Show battery level of anti lost device, remind user to change battery in time
Can turn on flash light when alarm alert
Can connect multiple finder to a single phone at the same time
Can take pictures to distinguish your stuff when connect to multiple finders, easy to find your object
Support name change to distinguish your stuff when connect to multiple finder, easy to find your object
Can remote power off the finder

Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.0; BLE technology
Transmission Scheme FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum)
Frequency Range 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz
Communication Distance Maxium 20 meters (varies with the environment)
Battery Type CR2016 button cell Lithium manganese dioxide battery
Battery Capacity 75 mAh
Battery Service Life 4 month (varies with the operational environment)
Product Color for Choice Black / white / Green / Pink / Yellow
Product Demension 71.4*45*7mm
Product Net Weight 7.9g

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